What Do We Offer?
Our unique displays offer the quality and excitement of traditional
motivational posters but in fresh, new installments every month!

How Does it Work?
1) Purchase
    a case.

Cases are a one time purchase. They come with a mat pre-mounted in an acrylic window door. Each case comes with a lock and key.
3 different finishes available:
Aluminum - $399
Cherry - $599
Oak - $599
2) Order your poster
Choose your poster category: Motivational - for business, office, government and academia settings.
Inspirational - for Christian based offices, schools, businesses, churches, etc.
Character First!® - posters are based off the Character First® programs in businesses, schools, and government agencies.
For more information on
Character First!®, click here

Educational - for public or private grade schools.
Expected to be released for the 2010-2011 school year.
Safety - for any business where safety is needed. Expected to be released just in time for 2010.

3) Choose your
    starting series.

Choosing a starting series enables you to customize your subscriptions to best enhance your specific environment. For instance, “Be the Change” is a 12 month Motivational series which challenges viewers to
“be the change they wish to see in the world” (Gandhi). After your initial series has expired, your subscriptions continue with another series from the same category. The number of posters in each series varies. You will continue to receive new series as long as you wish to continue your subscriptions.

4) Receive and display your
    new posters each month!

Although you can be billed quarterly, annually, or every 2 years, you will receive a brand new poster every month to display in your case. Posters are easily removed and replaced.
No special centering, gluing or taping! All you have to do is change the last poster with the new one. Then sit back and enjoy!