Live on Purpose
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01 – Discover:<BR>
Discover your purpose: find what is worth dying for and you will know both why and how to live.
<BR> <BR>
Look within and you will only find yourself; Look without and you will find your purpose.
02 – Choose:<BR>
Choose. Choose to do nothing. Choose to do something. <BR>
Embrace your choice.<BR>
It is yours. Own it. Live by it. Learn from it. Grow.<BR>
Choose again.
03 – Plan:<BR>
Want to travel into the future and make it work to your advantage?<BR>
 You can: Plan.
04 – Dare:<BR>
“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily…Not to dare is to lose oneself.” – Soren Kierkegaard
05 – Create:<BR>
Anyone can perform; so create! Anyone can rehearse; so improvise! Anyone can respond; so initiate! Anyone can assemble; so invent!<BR>
Discover! Originate!<BR>
The world is in the hands of the creators.
06 – Respect:<BR>
Genuine love is the act of unconditional, unexplainable, unreserved, and unreturned respect.
There is something to learn from everyone; so respect each other.
07 – Forgive:<BR>
To forgive is to set one free – that one is you.
08 – Perspire:<BR>
What are my rights? What are my entitlements? <BR>
Everything for which I have perspired.
09 – Focus:<BR>
Consider the complication, note the distraction, exploit the challenge, all in light of your goal. Success is found in the ability to focus with your eyes wide open.
10 – Overcome:<BR>
Overcome fear; behold wonder
11 – Practice:<BR>
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not a single act but a habit. <BR>– Aristotle
12 – Transform:<BR>
It has been said that there is power in numbers and undoubtedly this is true, but history proves again and again it is the individual who changes the world.
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